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I was watching Sports Center as I usually do before bed. It’s an easy way for my mind to get distracted after a long day at work. I always get annoyed because it seems like they always show my teams near the end.

My girlfriend was reading on the iPad. It was some new blog that she had briefly mentioned the other day. She is all into it and hasn’t been able to put it down for the past few days. EuropeAndLisbon or something like that. I’m not sure, I haven’t paid any attention when she talks about it.

She put it down on the nightstand and gave me a funny smile.

I rolled over on my side to take a drink of water and she started wiggling in the bed, causing me to nearly spill my water. Now I was really annoyed. 

I love my girl but damn…I just want to watch Sports Center and go to bed! Just lay there damn it!

I rolled onto my back, and put one arm behind my head, as I usually do, getting more impatient with every additional tampon commercial that they show. I mean really, what guy wants to see that in between hockey highlights?

My girl then started kissing my shoulder softly.

Now? You want to start something now? Why didn’t you want to start something before    the highlights, or after the highlights, but now?

She moved closer to me, her warm flesh pressing up against mine. I never sleep with a shirt on and I suddenly realized she was nude. Her warm breasts pressed up against my arm. I even felt her hard nipple slide over my forearm.

Decisions, decisions. 

She moved up and kissed my cheek.

Not now, woman! My team is coming up soon! 

She didn’t try to kiss me like she usually does, instead she kissed my left shoulder again then start to kiss my chest, her long blond hair sliding over my chest as she kissed lower and lower. I have to admit, her warm lips felt really, really good after a long, stressful day.

We need more power, Captain! She is breaking down our defenses!

Her left hand was softly sliding all over my lower body as she kissed here and there. I accidentally let out a moan. I didn’t want to know how good it was feeling. I wanted her to just wait another fifteen minutes.

Her hand pushed under my pajama pants and indo my boxer-briefs. Her warm fingers slid over that sensitive spot that is high up on your hip and I exhaled loudly. I know she heard me because she stopped kissing for a moment.

My cock was growing quickly, and she found it with her warm hand. She started to stroke me slowly as she kissed my stomach.

I love that feeling when I get rock hard, really fast. Feeling all the blood rush into my cock is just an awesome feeling and my leg and stomach muscles tensed up for a moment as all of the sensations were a bit overwhelming.

She let go of me, pulled her hand out, and got up on her knees to my left. She tried pulling down my pajama pants but of course that is always hard to do from that angle so I reached down and helped her. I slid off my clothes and kicked them out from under the covers.

Her hair had been down around her face and then she whipped her head around and like a wave in the ocean, her hair whipped around so it was on her left side, away from me.

Fuck Sports Center. I can’t stop looking at her. She’s so gorgeous. Her long hair framing her beautiful face. The long slight arch of her back that curls around that beautiful ass. Her delicious legs that were folded neatly underneath her. Her beautiful breasts…

The dim light from the TV was just enough to illuminate all her gorgeous features and there was no way I was going to watch those idiots on TV when I had this goddess in front of me.

She leaned forward and held my hot cock with her left hand and started to kiss the tip of my cock, and then she slowly nibbled and kissed down the bottom of it.

Her succulent lips then slowly started to part and she only took the tip into her warm, wet mouth. I could feel her tongue swirl around and around. I don’t know what it is, but when a woman’s saliva touched my cock, it makes my toes wiggle uncontrollably.

You win. 

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the remote. I turned off the TV and laid back in the dark, and closed my eyes. The TV was just becoming a distraction at this point.

The remote slowly slid from my hand, and she turned the TV back on, all while her hot mouth never left the tip of my cock.

Oh yeah…she’s a keeper. 

I really didn’t care about Sports Center anymore, but the glow of the TV did provide enough light so I could watch her work in the dark room. She opened her mouth wide and took me all the way into her mouth as far as she could, and then sucked slowly and intensely all the way to the tip.

Holy fuck. That feels amazing. 

She slowly started to slide up and down, fully taking my hard shaft into her mouth as deeply as possible every single time. The feeling of her tongue sliding on the bottom of my dick is one of the best feelings in the world.

She sat back and moved down toward my legs. She pushed me softly to my left and I moved over, and then she spread my legs and once again kneeled before me on the bed.

I’m such a lucky man. Look at her…I could stare at her for days. I love the way she moves. I love the way her sides curve around those delicious hips.  Your inner beauty makes you even more gorgeous my love.

The TV had some stupid bright commercial com on and I caught a glimpse of my wet cock in the dark as it glistened from her saliva on me.

That fucking makes me feel so manly. 

She once again took me in her mouth, but now she started sucking faster. I let out a few moans because it was feeling so good at this point. I touched her shoulder softly, which is what I always did when I could feel my orgasm growing.

Knowing I was getting too excited…she excited me even more. She took me out of her mouth and started to stroke me with her hand as she gasped for breath, and then she pushed my cock toward me and while she stroked me, she started to lick my balls.

That hot goddess knows that I want to try a threesome one day, so what does she do? She simulates a woman riding me while she licks me.

Holy fuck…

My toes won’t stop wiggling at this point. I want…no…I need pussy now. My fingertips start reaching for her arms and I softly try to pull her up to me. She doesn’t move.

You wonderful torturer…

She just keeps licking and stroking, licking and stroking. And then…

Her hand reaches over and finds mine, and she puts it on the back of her head as she puts her hot, wet mouth back on my hard, hot shaft. I can’t take it anymore and reach down and gather her hair in my hand and grasp it tightly like a ponytail and I start to buck my hips faster and faster, fucking her gorgeous face, staring at her beautiful arms as she supports herself above me, gazing upon her gorgeous breasts as they hang below her, swaying as my thrusts cause this angel to move slightly.

I can feel my orgasm building and I have to have her hot pussy NOW. I want to feel her warm thighs on each side of me. I want to kiss her sexy lips that are probably on fire now from my cock. I want feel that soft skin against mine.

I stop and try to pull her toward me again.

“Cum down my throat, I want to taste you,” she says in that voice that is a mix between a whimper and desperation, while her body is craving more oxygen.

I really prefer to cum deep inside her, but she has given me a gift tonight, so I shall grant her her wish.

I gather her hair once more and start to thrust with the intention of cumming. I can feel the tip of my cock tapping the back of her throat and I don’t care at this point. Primal lust has taken over. I have to fuck. I have to cum. I thrust hard and fast and I quickly feel my orgasm building at the base of my cock. My body tenses and I lay back, letting go of her hair in fear I will harm her as my intense orgasm takes over my body. She continues to suck furiously as I fight back my orgasm, enjoying every nano second of pleasure that floods my entire body and then…


My body takes over as the battle between my orgasm begins to win over my will. Hot cum shoot up the length of my shaft as I let out the loudest moan of the night, shooting my cum deep into her mouth and throat.

And what does she do? She starts moving her tongue around the tip of my cock as I’m having an orgasm. You know that intense orgasm you were having? Let me intensify that by a thousand for you…

Stop. I’m going to pass out!

I would say the words but I can’t. I can barely even breathe. I reach down and unintentionally grip her upper arms tightly, trying to get her to slow down just a little so I can get some oxygen into my screaming lungs.

She finally stops long enough to swallow, allowing me to suck in air and releasing the orgasms intensity.

I lay on my back and pant heavily as I try to get my bearings. I’m so fucking dizzy as she sucks out the last drops of cum from the tip of my dick.

And then she quickly climbs up on top of me, places the tip of my cock on her pussy, and slides down hard. My hot cock is engulfed almost immediately. She rides me hard and fast for just a few seconds as my hands desperately try to touch every delicious bit of her. Her thighs, breast, face, and back. She grinds herself against me and then she pushes down hard. I feel her pussy spasm around me, and she lets out a loud, sexy moan. That beautiful sound that I only get to hear a few times a week, the sound she makes when she cums.

She collapses on my chest and I wrap my arms around her.

I peek at the TV and they have already moved on to another show.

Fuck it. I’ll read about the game online tomorrow. This was WAY better than Sports Center…

I don’t know why EuropeAndLisbon turns her on so much. Maybe I should read that blog one day.